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10 examples of awesome job ads

Here are the top 10  examples of the best job ads ever. Enjoy! 😊

Example #1: Job ad that attracts developers

The job ad: Amazing Platform Software Engineer

The company: HireVue

Why we like it: 

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Let’s start with the job ad title – Amazing Platform Software Engineer. What a way to make a candidate feel special before (s)he even reads the job ad!

We also love that this job ad starts with HireVue’s employee value proposition. They open the job ad by stating everything they offer to a candidate, including an amazing salary and many other perks and benefits.

They use their employee value proposition as a magnet to attract candidates’ attention and get them to read the add. Once they grab the candidates’ attention, they follow with a strong pitch:

“If you are an Amazing Software Engineer who wants to make great money working at an amazing company then keep reading!”

By now I want to work at HireVue too, and I’m not even a Software Engineer (much less an amazing one). 😃 The best thing is, this job ad just keeps getting better!

We especially love their emphasis on people and diversity and the explanation of their hiring process. Not to mention the cool photo at the end of the ad – take a look:

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